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Once you're email is registered on CaringCurrency you could earn a "Token Of Appreciation" from COOL.CA for your "Cool to be Canadian" participation in making the world a better place ...(^_^)_\!/ 

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Please note that we are raising funds to update Cool to be Canadian and this ARCHIVE from 2005 which is seriously out of date... but with your help...

Recent Immigrants, Ex-Pats and Canadians traveling away from home...
Protect Your Canadian Reputation!

Concerned about losing your "safe identity" to unscrupulous travelers masquerading as Canadians?
Ever been forced to explain that you are from North America, but you're not American...?

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1. Cool to be Canadian
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2. The original Canadian-made BEER bottle cap FISHING Lure

3. Cool to be Canadian®
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Freelance Professionals

Looking to make back some of that money you spent on that expensive camera equipment?

Consider taking a course in Event Sports and Adventure (ESA) Photography and becoming a PRO.

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It's Cool to be Canadian on National Flag Day, February 15th!
In celebration of the 40th anniversary of our distinctive white and red maple leaf flag design, Dell Canada has joined Cool to be Canadian to say: “It's Cool to Recycle”

Cool to be Canadian non-profit and its sponsor Dell Canada are looking for citizens to visit the Aucun Ordi Perdu website and learn more about how their old computers should be put to rest and good ones put in the hands of non-profit organizations.

When Canadians see their flag today,(and every day) remember that our responsibility as citizens is to protect the country and beautiful environment it represents.

To learn more about how you can participate, visit

L'esprit du Cool

Je navigue Cool
Je dois m'arrêter
Soudainement très émue
Clavier mouillé
Bonté et altruisme
Dans ton travail

Trois B tournent
Dans ma tête
À la recherche
De l'inspiration
À la recherche
de l'esprit du Cool!

- Diane C. Goulet 1999

Cool to be Canadian ACTIONS & ARCHIVES


Tell Prime Minister Martin if, as a citizen, you want Canadians to be involved in the American Ballistic Missile Defense program leading to the WEAPONIZATION OF SPACE. Ask him if he knows what the consequences are, and not to go ahead without the overwhelming support of INFORMED Canadians. Fair Enough? Here's his address: Tell him how much you know about what we would be getting ourselves into. (most of us have no idea) Make it short and sweet. Speak from your heart and sense of community. If you like, say you're a Change Agent from Cool to be Canadian!

Are you Ready to Help? - Join The Cool Corps.

Make a straight donation to Cool, or choose one of the gifts above.

Cool to be Canadian in the news
Dec. 26, 2004 "Cool to be Canadian" The Halifax Herald
CBC News - Canada seen as progressive safe haven among Americans upset by Bush election
by Beth Gorham - Washington Correspondent for Canadian Press.

12:18 AM EST Dec 17 2004
Beth Gorham - WASHINGTON (CP) - Forget polite, a tad dull and just a bit repressed. Lose that inferiority complex, eh?
It's an irreverent, feisty, progressive northern neighbour Americans are seeing these days, not to mention a safe liberal haven for those devastated by the re-election of President George W. Bush. In the envious eyes of despondent Democrats, at least, it's actually become Cool to be Canadian.